Sea Monkey is located in the exclusive Glacis region in the lush, northernmost tip of the island of Mahé. From beautiful sandy beaches and the best snorkelling and diving to walking the hills and tropical forests inland – and more – we’ll be picking out a few of the best things to see and do in this stunning corner of the Seychelles.

Mahé Beaches

MAHÉ BEACHES Marooned around 1,500km away from the east coast of Africa and surrounded by the vastness of the Indian Ocean, not many places in the world can compete with the Seychelles when it comes to beaches. And of the 115 islands that make up this beautiful... read more

Mahé Diving

BEST SNORKELLING & DIVING IN MAHÉ Aside from its beautiful beaches, if there’s one thing that the Seychelles is really known for, it’s diving. During the months of April and May and October and November, it’s at its best – the waters are invariably clear, teeming... read more

Mahé Things to Do

THINGS TO SEE & DO IN MAHÉ With its beautiful beaches and balmy tropical climate, it can be all too easy to slip into a routine of day after lazy, languid day spent stretched out in the sun in the Seychelles. But when it comes to sightseeing there are plenty of... read more